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bell ring

Sculpture The Bell Ring, born in collaboration and dialogue with Nina Edwards Anker and Anouk Foundation in a process of 18 month under the Covid 19 crisis, In a long process of sketching, development, discussion, and thought till its realization, presented to the public here for the first time.

The birth of The Bell Ring involves creativity, knowledge, experience, art, design and architecture with the aim of creating a healing artwork through sound, shape and touch.

Uniting ethics and aesthetics, The Bell Ring takes in consideration Nature, Humanity, Environment, in relation for the need for accessible beauty, inclusive art, open spirituality, and a sign of positivity, which could be placed anywhere in the world for the benefit of everybody.

Here you witness with eyes, ears and touch one single branch of The Bell Ring.
Now try to imagine 10 branches, 30 branches, 100 branches;
then, in your mind, place them in a desert, a garden, in a refugee camp, a sculpture park, a hospital, on top of a mountain, next to the seashore, in a crowded urban center.

Each context in which THE BELL RING will be placed will create a unique and site-specific poetic constellation of Humanity, Nature and Art united into a profound yet playful experience.

I wish to thank with all my heart all which had taken part in this remarkable journey: My studio, nea studio, Nina, Vanessa and Poignee, for their trust, passion, excellence and belief.


Project Leaders 

Yuval Avital

Vanessa Von Ritcher

Nina Edwards Anker 


Carlos Cardenas

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