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beanie sofa

The Beanie Sofa is a comfortable textile covered sofa whose seat is comprised of one long bean bag. 


Materials: lentil beans, organic latex foam, wood and textile.

2’ 6’’ x  10’ x 3’ 6’’
76 cm x 304 cm x 106 cm

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Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker


Gui Mu

Shahira Hammad


product notes

The sofa incorporates daybeds facing opposite directions. Its soft structure is filled with organic latex and lentil beans, which support the natural curves and movements of the body. The filling in the bean bags is very supportive, but also malleable enough to conform exactly to the shapes required for proper posture. The beanie is made entirely of natural materials and assembled in two parts. It is available in a wide range of sizes, colors and fabrics. Beanie Sofa won The Architect's Newspaper 2019 Best of Products Award.