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Seating/Light installation in the grass along the waterfront in Riverdale, Bronx. The S-shape of the recycled steel sculpture mediates the climate. The triangles are placed and orientated in such a way as to provide cooling in the hot humid season and heating and wind protection in the colder months. The photovoltaic panels, framed in rusted steel, are tilted at 45 degrees in order to optimize energy efficiency with regards to sun angles, as well as human comfort in terms of seating angles. The solar panels function as mirrors in the landscape which affect our perception of nature in a manner which reflects upon Robert Smithson's mirror projects.


The installation represents an illustration for a global system in which the solar panels tilt at different angles according to geographic location. For example, the S-shape could be adjusted to form a shading canopy with panels tilted at 25 degrees which is suited for the hotter climate of Dubai. Another adjustment of the S-shape could serve as a south-oriented bench in Scandinavia where the panels, tilted at 60 degrees, could serve as back rests on a public bench.

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