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latitude lights 3D

Latitude Light, a solar-powered lamp that emits atmospheric light, can be fabricated in many variants according to the customer’s latitude.

2’ 6’’ x  10’ x 3’ 6’’
76 cm x 304 cm x 106 cm

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Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker

Drafting, Assembly

Raphael Walther, Andrew Cheng, Shahira Hammad

Electrical Engineers

Dave Young, Young Circuits Designs

Michael Edwards, avioWorks


product notes

The sofa incorporates daybeds facing opposite directions. Its soft structure is filled with organic latex and lentil beans, which support the natural curves and movements of the body. The filling in the bean bags is very supportive, but also malleable enough to conform

A global product that is customized for specific locations, the lamp’s geometry can be automatically updated in a digital file so that the tilt of the solar panel changes according to latitude (by tilting the panel at different angles, the lamp’s capacity for electric power generation is optimized in its perpendicularity to the sun’s rays for different latitudes). The portable light needs to bathe in daylight for eight hours a day, with the solar panel facing the sky. Latitude Lights illuminate automatically at dusk.

Latitude Light is the winner of the 2018 Made in NYC Award and the 2017 A' Design Award. It is representative of nea studio's focus on sustainable design, material research, and technological innovation.

- Photovoltaic module with amorphous thin film solar panel

- Two translucent; 3 x 3 x 3 inch intersecting cubes 3D printed in 1mm-thick strong flexible plastic