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Anti-Extinction Library - In Collaboration with Terreform One

Anti-Extinction Library Community Archive of Genetic Material for Species Preservation East River, Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY USA, 2020.

Bringing back various animals at the brink of extinction is vital. Designed to delight and educate local citizens, the egg-shaped Anti-Extinction Library we are building for the TED Countdown event contains frozen embryos of threatened local species. Cryogenic vaults will be contained within a symbolic “egg” form that deconstructs over time. These vaults are encased within fertile soil embedded with seeds that are designed to disintegrate onsite to create a flourishing habitat for the future embryos. Each species admitted to the library is imprinted with a genetic marker containing the  "Nature Bill of Rights" modified from the UN documents on human rights. These encoded markers support a narrative that all species are equal and all are necessary to a healthy planet.

The Anti-Extinction Library – a permanent shelter for the embryonic cells and DNA of rare lifeforms The work is part of a global art action: ten public artworks, аll launching today around the world, in support of Countdown – TED’s global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis NYC, 10.10.2020


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