Seashell Chandelier

Solar Chandelier, a customizable solar-powered lighting installation for the off-the-grid living room, comprises photovoltaic modules that power LED bulbs to illuminate organic materials such as feathers and seashells to provide ambient lighting. The piece aims to demystify PV technology by exposing its components in a legible manner, so that the electrical boards, wires and batteries of the PV modules are clearly visible and comprehensible. 


107cm x 61cm x 61cm

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 16.39.57.png

Additionally, with a passing breeze, the chandelier becomes a wind chime. It also functions as a type of solar clock as it illuminates automatically at dusk, highlighting hourly solar and seasonal rhythms. The chandelier must be placed in front of a window to gather solar power. The Solar Chandelier lowers electric bills, eliminates wires and outlets, offers multi-directional ambient light, and casts patterns on surrounding surfaces like wallpaper. It can be customized to each setting. 

09.29-Seashell Chandelier 2021.jpg


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker


Jeffry Graziano

Tiffany Ng