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Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker

Electrical Engineering

Michael Edwards of Avioworks

Drafting, Assembly 

Shahira Hammad

Andrew Cheng

Mechanical Engineers

Harris Eniotiades

Industrial Designer

Federica Dattilo


Solar Chandelier is made from photovoltaic modules that power LED bulbs to illuminate organic translucent materials. This lighting design incorporates environmental technology while providing ambient lighting. The piece aims to demystify PV technology by exposing its components in a legible manner. The amorphous thin film panels perform better than the usual crystalline PV panels under cloudy conditions. The amorphous thin film panels also have the benefit of reflecting the surrounding views in their mirrored surfaces, depending on viewpoint.


The visual aspect of the reflective thin film material thus serves the design aim of the piece, which is to connect with the exterior environment. With a passing breeze, the chandelier becomes a wind chime. It also functions as a type of solar clock; the translucent seashells illuminate automatically at dusk, highlighting solar hourly and seasonal rhythms. The chandelier must be placed in front of a window to gather solar power.


The Solar Chandelier serves user experience by lowering electric bills, eliminating wires, illuminating automatically at dusk, offering multi-directional ambient light, and casting patterns on surrounding surfaces like wallpaper. It can be customized to each setting according to customer specifications.

24” x 24” x 44”

61cm x 61cm x 112cm

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