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Greenwich Village Loft
New York, NY  2021

The classic Manhattan loft with high ceilings and large southern windows faces the historic village neighborhood at tree-top level. The interior design preserves the airy loftiness of the space by maximizing daylight and spaciousness. Biophilic design elements include glossy surfaces that reflect and amplify light or mirror the outside view. The reflective surfaces contrast with softer organic materials such as wool and algae; the furniture, including the Beanie Sofa, a comfortable ergonomic sofa made of non-toxic foam, down and lentil beans, comprises purely natural materials. Most of the furniture and lighting, including solar-powered chandeliers, table-top lights and wall hanging, is designed by nea studio to create a holistic environment that promotes a feeling of calm and spaciousness.


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker

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