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'5 interior designers reveal how to style the perfect living room' by Elana Castle

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Nina Edwards Anker designed her summer home in the Hamptons around sustainability and the flow of light

"Nina Edwards Anker is a New York architect and designer with a strong focus on sustainability (she used the creation of her summer home in the Hamptons to further her research on solar design and affect theory at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design). When designing interior spaces, she considers solar rhythms, light and shadow, reflectivity and translucency and a strong connection between indoors and outdoors. Here’s her take on creating successful living rooms:

Do you have a preferred furniture layout plan for creating communal versus intimate areas? A lack of clutter and ability of an interior space to highlight the movement of light is so important in our rushed lives. To be able to pay attention to slower biological rhythm of the sun, if the space allows for it.

What are the must-have design elements in any living room? All-natural materials. It is rare to find all-organic foams in upholstered furniture – this is a big area of research at nea studio.

Do you have a go-to palette? A natural palette punctuated with pops of colour – throws, pillows, flowers – provides a soothing background for the passage of light through the room. Biophilic decor has been proven to be uplifting to the spirits. Tactile organic materials, like an all-natural soft wool rug, may feel soothing to bare feet; wood may be more pleasant to the touch and look than plastic.

How do you approach lighting?

Reflective materials to counterpoint the softer natural materials can amplify light and reflect natural elements such as candlelight or flowers, as well as reflect exterior views to bring the outside in. Lighting that moves between light and dark – placed at eye level or from below as opposed to from above. High-end LED bulbs by companies like Zumtobel – ideally filtered through organic translucent materials."


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