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Designer Nina Edwards Anker of nea studio fashions bespoke, contemporary lights out of marine algae

Seaweed is known to be a very versatile material, whether as sushi wrappers, antioxidant rich night creams, and now thanks to New York based Nina Edwards Anker, even lamps!

The designer has perfected the formula to treat green marine algae or chlorophyta for this innovation, while still retaining its natural look.

“In an increasingly high-tech global world, I’m inspired by local organic materials whose origin feels nearby, familiar and connects to the natural world. The idea originated in a more complex PhD research project about solar design and material research. I had been searching for biomaterials that were translucent and locally sourced to counterpoint the glossy, techno-photovoltaic material in my solar lighting designs,” says Edwards Anker, founder of nea studio, whose interests revolve around sustainable design.


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