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Hanging from strands of transparent wire, Solar chandelier is made from photovoltaic modules that power LED bulbs to illuminate translucent materials of different kinds. The materials, size and height of the chandelier are customizable. Our team fabricates the entire piece in our studio at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where we have access to the necessary tools.


Solar chandelier is a way of investigating solar cells as perceptual devices for mediating light into designed spaces. This eco-friendly lighting design incorporates environmental technology while providing ambient lighting and projecting shadow patterns. The piece aims to demystify PV technology by exposing its components in a legible manner. With a passing breeze, the chandelier functions as a wind chime. It also functions as a type of solar clock; the translucent seashells illuminate automatically at dusk, highlighting biological solar rhythms and power.


In its mix of organic and technological materials, Solar chandelier's translucent seashells illuminate in a manner that aims to be affective in its application of solar technology. The seashells are electrically illuminated after dark. In the daytime, they are lit from the light passing through the window in front of which the chandelier must be placed in order to gather solar power. It needs to bathe in daylight for 8 hours a day.


The Solar chandelier anticipates user experience in these ways:

• Lowers the electric bill

• Eliminates wires, switches and plugs

• Illuminates automatically at dusk and dims at sunrise, like a type of clock

• Offers atmospheric, multi-directional ambient light

• Casts patterns on surrounding surfaces as time passes. like wallpaper

• Can be customized to each setting according to customer specifications.

Solar Chandelier

  • This item cannot be returned.

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