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rock cabin
Tjoeme, Norway, 2008

Made of local stone and timber, its roof covered with solar panels, this cabin is rooted in its surroundings in an . All existing trees and rocks are preserved. The cabin is heated by the sun's energy and cooled by natural ventilation. This cabin with panoramic views over the fjord towards south and east grows from the rocky site from which it emerges. Formed and positioned like one of the 'svalberg' rocks itself, it rises up from out of the landscape and lifts up over the cliff to view the water below. Windows, bookshelves and benches are carved into its thick timber walls, whose weathered grey color blends with the cliffs.

The existing rocks are used and exposed whenever possible (the shower wall and floor, and parts of the bedroom walls). In order to obtain unobstructed views of the horizon from the protected courtyard, a sunken living room area which exposes the existing rocks is carved into the floor.

The architecture is driven by two main parameters: the creation of a circulation path directed along the existing stairway carved through the rocks, and private wind-protected living/dining areas with views over the horizon. A dining/sunbathing courtyard is protected from the wind by the see-through cabin which is angled to frame unobstructed views of the horizon,


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker


Anders Pettersen


Barabara Martin

Live Westli

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