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This wooden slatted solar lounger integrates a photovoltaic panel in its adjustable backrest. The panel, which reflects the surroundings in its mirrored surface, collects enough power to illuminate lights inside the body of the lounger at fall of darkness. Available in stationary or mobile versions, the lounger can serve seating and lighting functions in the public or private realms. 

The PV used is an amorphous thin film panel with a maximum power of 5 watts (18 volt and 0.277 amp operating). The overall electrical system is a PV panel, charge controller, 12V battery and Load (LED string). Efficiency and component matching is critical in design. The strength of amorphous PV technology is its ability to produce energy in low light and shaded conditions. The system is sized for 12 hours max sunlight, where LED on time would be 10 hours. Roll-up mattress available upon request in a range of colors and fabrics. 

Electrical Engineering

Michael Edwards, avioWorks

Mechanical Engineers

Harris Eniotiades

Industrial Designer

Federica Dattilo

Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker


Raphael Walther


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