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Chlorophyta Chandelier

Algae is molded into translucent cylindrical lamp shades that glow from the interior.

After years of research, the nea studio team has found the correct formula for treating the green marine algae (Chlorophyta) so that it becomes firm yet flexible, to ensure durability. The material retains its original organic nature, smoothness and color so that each hand-crafted light shade becomes a unique sculpture. The colors of the translucent algae are varied, rich and vibrant.

Custom sizes and
configurations available


Chlorophyta refers to the group of all green algae within the green plants, which includes about 7,000 species of mostly aquatic photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. While other designers have experimented with seaweed through weaving, dying, pleating, gold-plating, and embroidering, nea studio stays true to the nature of the raw material. When dried and molded into basic shapes, the material retains its integrity. A versatile and customizable product, algae shades can be grouped in different ways to suit their different settings.


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker

Ricky Solorzano

Electrical Engineer 

Michael Edwards


Jeffry Graziano

Tiffany Ng

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