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long island cottage
Long Island, NY  2003

Gut renovation and addition of a 500 square foot historic shingled cottage. Due to the nearby wetlands, this landmarked site allowed for a mere 9’ x 17’ extension and a terrace. This small space was made to feel expansive by focusing on one large airy room with open triangulated ceiling that brings the exterior landscape inside.


The west forgotten side of the property is activated by the wall of sliding doors. The dimensions of the interior floorboards repeat in the adjoining terrace’s exterior cedar planks to the south, providing continuity between inside and out.


The bench/table at the hearth allows for multiple uses, and the kitchen counter is raised to hide clutter in the open dining/living space. The white glossy wall of kitchen cabinets reflects the exterior landscape. A climbing native wisteria vine on a trellis provides privacy and shading for the front bedroom, with its floor to ceiling window facing the more trafficked east side of the property.



Project Leader

Nina Edwards Anker


Steven Rosetti, AIA


Bill Culver

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