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solar bench

​This bench competition calls for a temporary structure to transform the street environment into a public space. The Solar Bench promotes the emergence of a public space by establishing a new 'route' in the street where users can sit facing diverse directions. People are invited to interact with each other by its curves, which establishes closeness and face-to-face communication.


With its night-lights provided by solar panels, the bench encourages people to stay out until later in the streets. The lights shining through the plants add to the design's safety and warmth. In addition to the photovoltaic panels, the design keeps in mind sustainability by integrating clearly marked recycling trashcans sorted for plastic, paper and trash. Its main curve consists of two thin sheets of recycled corten steel. It is weather-resistant and it is easily recyclable after it is used. The reclaimed wood seats follow the curve's direction and are supported by two thin sheets of steel.


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker



Nicole Bach

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