manhattan apt interior intervention
Manhattan,NY 2021

The classic Manhattan loft has high ceilings and 100-year-old large glass window panes facing the historic village neighborhood. The greatest asset of the apartment are its almost floor-to-ceiling southern windows facing a quiet street at tree-top level. Our main goal was to preserve the airy loftiness of the space by maximizing daylight, height and spaciousness.


Biophilic design elements including glossy surfaces reflect and amplify light or mirror the outside view. By amplifying light, keeping a neutral monochromatic color scheme and minimizing clutter, we aimed to create a feeling of vast spaciousness reflected in the large scale of the windows and ceiling heights.

We incorporate biophilic design elements for the wellbeing of the inhabitants. The reflective surfaces are contrasted with organic materials such as wood and algae that are uplifting for inhabitants in their connection to ‘nature.’ The furniture is comprised of purely organic materials. The Beanie Sofa is an ergonomic sofa made of non-toxic foam and lentil beans. Most of the lighting and furniture is designed by nea studio with the aim of creating a holistic environment that promotes a feeling of spaciousness and wellbeing.


Project Leader 

Nina Edwards Anker


Carlos Cardenas