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Crystallized Headboard

Part of the Crystallized set of the Arctic Line, this wooden headboard unfolds like origami in crystallized form. A top layer of 100% wool felt provides a sense of warmth, comfort and protection, The design combines contrasting organic materials, The felt comes in a variety of colors.

60" x 80" x 25"

152 cm x 203 cm x 63.5 cm

headboard 2.png

The five triangles of the headboard provide a sheltered area of privacy in an open living room. The tilt of the backrest covered with soft felt makes it comfortable for the back. 

headboard 1 - 5july.png
headboard grey - 5july.png
headboard  green moss- 5july.png
headboard marigold - 5july.png
new headboard drawings 5july.png


WB Woodworking Inc.

Project Leader

Nina Edwards Anker

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