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green room
Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Designer Show House
Summer 2023, NY

The Show House features rooms by 20 selected interior designers. nea studio's green room incorporates biophilic design, including  lighting, especially solar lighting and locally made organic furniture designed by Nina Edwards Anker, The Hampton Cottages & Gardens Show House brings together designers that celebrate and explore the potential of interior design in a local barn-style home by Cavallo Builders. The proceeds are donated to the Southampton Stonybrook Hospital. 

Before the showroom the curators asked me a few questions:

  • What was the inspiration and theme? 

Photosynthesis, the biological process by which green leaves change the energy in sunlight to kinds of energy that can be stored for later use, inspired the theme of wellness. The aim was to create a calming and uplifting bedroom by helping the occupant to connect with nature in a sensual way.


  • What was the motivating idea behind the room, and why did you choose the theme?

As the mother of a cancer survivor, I chose the theme of wellness to create a healing space. I’m motivated to create sensual spaces with non-toxic fumes and all-natural materials.


  • What makes this room special? 

The pieces in the room speak to one another and revolve around the themes of green and light. Eric Dever’s painting, Nymphaea odorata, features glowing lily pads from a local pond, which converses with the table lights covered with translucent algae sheets, the hand-painted luminous wallpaper, and the blinds made of sea grass. 


  • What pieces in the room do you feel execute the theme the best? 

The algae lamp shades are part of our recent lighting in small, medium, and large variants called Chlorophyta; the use of algae is sustainable and good for the earth. The organic and ergonomic upholstered seating, Knotty armchair and footrest, comprise organic latex foam in three different levels of firmness.


  • What made you want to do the show house?

I wanted to contribute to Stonybrook Hospital, where my son was healed from childhood cancer many years ago. I’m interested in recent research initiatives proving that biophilic design helps patients heal faster. My room in the showhouse aims to illustrate the value created by interior design that’s focused on health and wellbeing.

Biophilic design elements in ivory and green tones create a feeling of calm spaciousness and connection to the outdoors.

We incorporate biophilic design elements that serve wellbeing. The reflective surfaces contrast with organic materials such as wood and algae that are uplifting for inhabitants in their connection to ‘nature.’ The furniture is comprised of purely organic materials. The lighting and furniture pieces are designed by nea studio with the aim of creating a holistic environment that promotes a feeling of spaciousness and wellbeing.



  • Ovando florist - Orchid and planting design under window



  • Sutherland Felt 100% wool felt covering headboard and bench/table.


  • The Shade Store 100% linen curtains and 100% seagrass window shades







Project Leader: Nina Edwards Anker

Junior ArchitectHasan Mahdi

Photography: Ric Mader

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