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Eight Books - Venice Biennale of Architecture

EIGHT BOOKS in Eighty Minuets LIVE on YouTube with Chee Pearlman / TED Moderator, Peder Anker/ NYU, "The Power of the Periphery: How Norway Became an Environmental Pioneer for the World". Bjarke Ingels, Kai-Uwe Bergmann / BIG, "Formgiving: An Architectural Future History from the BIG Bang to Singularity". Eran Chen / ODA, "Unboxing New York". Michael Murphy / MASS Design Group, "Justice Is Beauty". "Julia Watson, "Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism". Nina Edwards Anker / nea studio, "Cocoon House - Light in Sustainable Architecture and Design". Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Nurhan Gokturk / Terreform ONE, "Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities". Paul D. Miller / AKA DJ Spooky, "Digital Fictions: The Future of Storytelling".


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