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This House Throws the Hamptons a Curve

The New York Times

Designed for maximum energy efficiency, a weekend home looks nothing like the neighbors’. But an entomologist might feel at home.

Cocoon House is a LEED-certified example of sustainable design that strays from many of the local norms.

For one thing, there's its size: at 1,730 square feet, Cocoon House, Which is named for its rounded, sheltering cedar-shingled walls, is smaller than some Hamptons pool houses, and it has no second story, wrap-around porch or dormer windows. But small is beautiful when you're aiming for energy efficiency.

In addition to running her studio, Ms. Anker is the design director of Terreform ONE, an eco-focused architectural think tank that designed an urban habitat for at-risk monarch butterflies now on display at the Cooper Hewitt Triennial. "I realized that we have no choice but to engage with the crisis happening around us".


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